Meet BLB 2017 Alumni, Sthefany Dutra

Atualizado: 12 de Ago de 2018

Sthefany shares her BLB experience and how it allowed her to reflect and grow as a woman in STEM.

I didn't know what to expect once selected to BLB, but I was surely surprised with such an amazing experience. BLB made me think more about mental health. There, I learned how to meditate and be mindful. With a schedule full of activities to develop my leadership abilities, we almost never stopped. When we were not working in groups or participating in lectures, we were talking and meeting our peers who had inspiring stories and perspectives. With all that, BLB was still able to highlight the importance of us taking time to ourselves.

After a quick presentation of our background, like an elevator pitch, we found out that some of us wanted to achieve the same thing. In finding similar interests, groups were formed and we soon started to develop projects together. As a participant in the Girls in STEM group, I worked with 3 other amazing girls who had similar experiences and difficulties in the scientific field. They were talented students, outstanding in science fairs and olympics, who felt some disadvantage in their academic lives. I learned that I was not alone. Together, we decided to encourage other women who have interests in STEM. We wanted to show them that they could succeed in this field with resilience and hard work. Now, with most of the girls in our group following their passions in this area, our dream is still alive and with small actions everyday we aim to lead by example and encourage others to follow their own dreams.

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