our pillars and initiatives 

LALA seeks to transform the educational landscape in Latin America through three pillars, which are the foundation for our four initiatives. These initiatives are all interrelated to amplify our impact. Our founding principles are the basis for what we do.

identify and DEVELOP a new generation of LEADERS

Our flagship initiative, LALA (the academy), is a holistic leadership program aimed at developing young adults (post-high school, pre-university) and strengthening their connections to their communities.

Local BOOTCAMPS, 5-7 day programs across the region, serve to both identify high-potential youth and begin to develop these leaders


create an ecosystem of changemakers


We aim to create a network of changemakers (THE ECOSYSTEM), connecting values- and purpose-aligned leaders through local hubs and accelerating LALA alumni through mentorship, job opportunities, and funding




influence education practices through know-how


LALA will serve as a funnel and laboratory for the world's leading educational practices, with the ultimate goal of advancing education in Latin America​ (EDULAB)

Our initiatives are all inter-related to amplify the impact

  • The EduLab gives global partners a testing ground and data around best practices, improving research

  • Global partners, in turn, are the basis for EduLab's curriculum





  • Academy and bootcamp participants become part of the ecosystem, adding talent

  • The ecosystem, in turn, is a source for mentors, donors, sponsors, investors, and know-how, feeding into LALA and the bootcamps

  • LALA and the bootcamps serve as a platform for developing, testing, and iterating on educational material, which is the basis for the EduLab

  • Bootcamps feed talent into LALA (via nominations)

  • LALA, in turn, influences the curriculum of the bootcamps through its innovative methodologies and content



Many great leaders begin “changing the world” at a young age – when they believe the whole world is open to them and they are free to chase their big dreams. Nelson Mandela was only 26 when he and Walter Sisulu established the ANC Youth League. Bill Gates established Microsoft at 19, and Steve Jobs launched Apple at age 21. We need to invest in Latin America’s leaders when they are young and dreaming and give them the confidence they need to bring their ideas to the world


History has seen countless examples of the power of individual leaders to catalyze the actions of large groups of people and unleash massive positive change in society. In South Africa, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu led a peaceful transition from oppression to democracy. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs transformed the global economy with their innovations in computing, and Linda Rottenberg created a global community of entrepreneurs through Endeavor.


We believe that a pan-Latin American approach is required to catalyze growth and development in the continent. Latin American leaders must understand and collaborate with peers across the continent to remove barriers to trade, end conflict, protect the environment, and stimulate widespread positive change.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP as the basis for growth

Latin America needs entrepreneurial leaders across all sectors who will throw off the constraints of existing institutions to change the paradigm and create value on the continent. Most entrepreneurs in Latin America today are “subsistence” entrepreneurs, with small businesses and meager incomes that allow them to support only their families. To break the cycle of poverty and generate significant growth, however, Latin America needs large-scale entrepreneurs.

addressing the root cause

To create lasting change in Latin America, it is necessary to make investments that treat the causes, and not just the symptoms, of under-development. We believe an under-supply of principled, purpose-driven, high-quality leadership across all sectors is the root cause of many of Latin America’s problems. We need strong leaders throughout society, in the spheres of politics, business, health care, education, the environment, and beyond, to create positive change and generate shared and lasting prosperity.

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