"At the Academy, we

spoke our truth."


Our 3-month leadership Academy is a residential program in Medellín, Colombia that prepares young Latin Americans with the tools to unlock their academic, social-emotional, and leadership potential. The LALA Academy centers on three pillars: Leadership & Social Innovation, Academic Readiness, and Social-Emotional Growth.


Who should apply?

What we're looking for?

How we select


Post-high-school students aged 16-20 who have attended a LALA Bootcamp or V-Camp and are passionate about creating positive change and impact

in their communities.

​Students with demonstrated leadership history seeking the tools and opportunity to impact their communities and

Latin America.

We review and select applicants using

four criteria: leadership potential,

sense of purpose, acts of service,

and values alignment.



Leadership & Social


The Academy curriculum centers on a core course called Leadership and Social Innovation (LASI). This course aims to provide students space to further explore their identity as leaders, work on projects that they care about, and build community with fellow scholars and faculty.

Academic Readiness


To prepare our scholars academically, The LALA Academy offers a focused selection of seminar courses based on exploring pressing Latin American matters from a range of academic fields. In the past, our course selection included courses like Latin American Literature, Data-Analytic Thinking, Re-shaping History, and Current Events.




At LALA, we believe deeply in the power of understanding oneself and one's relation with others. To promote the development of both interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills, The Academy offers a set of extracurricular features, giving students the opportunity to process their growth in a variety of environments.




Our goal is that students learn.

Even outside classes.

The Mentorship Program

Os alunos reservam um tempo para compartilhar sobre si mesmos e ouvir sobre os outros, a fim de criar uma rica comunidade de aprendizagem para alunos e outros participantes.

The Internship Program

Os alunos reservam um tempo para compartilhar sobre si mesmos e ouvir sobre os outros, a fim de criar uma rica comunidade de aprendizagem para alunos e outros participantes.

The Kitchen Lab

Os alunos reservam um tempo para compartilhar sobre si mesmos e ouvir sobre os outros, a fim de criar uma rica comunidade de aprendizagem para alunos e outros participantes.




Living Arrangements and 

Life in Medellin

Antonio, one of LALA’s core staff members, once described LALA as “a community that is dedicated to the idea of building community.” Fewer phrases have described our movement so aptly. At LALA we believe that community is everything, and one of the core components of building a rich one is learning to live together. The Academy provides students--and sometimes staff -- the opportunity to do just that. Students will live in shared apartments in Medellin’s El Poblado: a neighborhood famous for not only its safe and quiet nature but also its rich diversity, as it is home to much of the city’s foreign population. This population includes “implants” from other parts of Colombia, street performers, artists and vendors from places like Venezuela and Panama, immigrants from the U.S. and Europe, and much of LALA’s staff! Marked by grand mountainous backdrops and lusciously green streets, this neighborhood draws people from all walks of life, and from every imaginable corner of the world. 

In the past, students have interacted with the community in immensely creative ways, such as holding free Portuguese classes at a local community center, taking and contributing books to the local book exchange, attending community events and creative actions, and learning to salsa together to lively Colombian rhythms. Poblado offers a world of opportunities for engagement, and LALA staff work day and night to ensure the safety and security of our students in this vibrant neighborhood. 




$6,000 USD

$3,000 USD

$3,000 USD




(Tuition, room, & board)






To be paid


The cost of the Academy 2021 is $6,000 USD. This figure includes the cost of Academy and Fellowship tuition, room & board, all meals and snacks, healthcare and security measures, as well as a weekly allowance for each student. For more information about the weekly allowance, please see the For Parents and Caretakers section. Students who participate in full in the virtual Pre-Academy-Leadership Fellowship, from September 2020-August 2021, will receive a scholarship of $3,000 USD toward their Academy fee. Additionally, the virtual Pre-Academy Leadership Fellowship includes a detailed, team-focused fundraising plan and the opportunity to apply to additional merit-based scholarships. We know that $6,000 USD might look intimidating, but we are determined to approach the program costs as a team, attacking this challenge with a community-focused mindset so that the burden does not fall on students or their families alone. 

Let us support you in unlocking these funds, using our collective resources and networks. We are determined to secure a spot for everyone who wants one, and we are committed to growing our organizational capacity to do this.



Pre-Academy Leadership



The Pre-Academy Leadership Fellowship is a virtual afterschool program that aims to support students in preparing themselves emotionally, academically, and financially for the in-person Academy in Medellin. Students who participate in the Fellowship and successfully complete it will be offered an automatic $3,000 USD scholarship to their Academy Fees. It is a virtual program that features three key components: the Internship Program, the Mentorship Program, and Fundraising 101.

More on the Pre-Academy Leadership Fellowship

Sofia Amaral (BLB4 & A'20)

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"This experience completely changed my life. I could learn not only about self-knowledge but also about what it means to be a Latina. Also, I connected with the most amazing young leaders of Latin America (that now I call best friends). The Academy is why I still dream with a better word to live."

"These past years, I have learned that the combination of knowing my interests, having autonomy on my education, and having a community that could support me was a revolutionary way of experiencing education. The Academy gave me all three of them."

Ernesto Nam (BLB9 & A'20)

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay



What our students are saying



How do I start, what do you need, what is the process?

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