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At Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) we are on a mission to empower the continent’s most promising young leaders to solve their communities’ biggest problems.

We find the highest-potential young leaders in the region—those fighting to solve our most pressing


We find the highest-potential young leaders in the region—those fighting to solve our most pressing


We connect them to get the support, resources and allies they need to create systemic and sustainable change.


Dear friend of LALA,


Thank you for considering to support our Scholarship Fund! Every dollar you donate helps us enroll the highest-potential young leaders who do not have the financial means to come to LALA. Plus, by building a large base of donors and recurring donors, we will be able to maintain the integrity of our mission, values and strategy, by reducing our dependence on a few large donors.

This is so important to us that we are recognizing our recurring donors as essential allies in our mission to bring sustainable economic development and strengthen democratic governance in Latin America. To highlight their value and recognize their commitment, we are creating a new community within the LALA ecosystem: The LALA Changemakers. To honor their life-giving efforts, we have tiered our LALA Changemakers by donation amounts, and each tier is named after major Latin American rivers: Amazon, Rio de la Plata, Orinoco, Sao Francisco, Magdalena, and Lempa. As we grow, we're excited to come up with perks that will range from the fun to the profoundly transformational for our LALA Changemakers!

As a LALA Changemaker, you will stand with us against historic injustices by removing financial barriers to a great education and life-changing opportunities. More importantly, you will stand with our young leaders who are in the front lines of change.


Thank you for believing that a better Latin America is possible. Thank you for not leaving our future to chance. Thank you for joining our LALA movement!


Gratefully yours,

Diego Ontaneda Benavides

Co-Founder & CEO 


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–Rocío Barrionuevo, 17, Peru

 Rocío attended our Medellin Bootcamp in December 2018. Before LALA, she was part of Futuplan, a group that –in her native Cusco and all over Peru– runs projects to promote integral sexual education, empowerment in issues of violence, and life-planning in order to foster goals and dreams. She attended LALA after her friend Alioska, who attended in 2017, encouraged her to apply.

“During the Bootcamp we discussed passionately, we shared strong experiences, we dug into our deepest selves and the others’. Things I wondered, things I kept to myself, things I didn’t even know were there… I felt free to explore and share all of them. New points of view kept emerging, helping me find the answers I needed. I cannot remember the last time I felt this eager to act”.

“The most valuable lesson I learned at the Bootcamp is that sometimes we tend to ignore that small things lead to greater things. It’s progressive. We just need to positively impact others, and they will do the same, like a chain. Now I know for certain that I do not need to do something big in order to help. Small actions make a big difference, and if you do them with all your heart, you are already changing the world. After the Bootcamp I stopped feeling unsure about my future and drafted a potential trail for myself.” 

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